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Trip Progress: Halfway there! Check out the 1st half trip progress:

The NightHacking Java 8 Tour is the inaugural leg of the Java 8 Tour event where the evangelism team will be crossing the globe to speak at conferences and Java User Groups to spread the word about the new Java 8 release.

For my portion I am doing a marathon motorcycle ride across Europe that one JUG leader called either “AWESOME” or “CRAZY SCARY” — take your pick. I will be renting a motorcycle in Munich, loading up all sorts of cool IoT gadgets and toys, and trekking from Poland to Spain with an itinerary that includes 4 conferences and over 20 JUGs.

Along the way I will be live-streaming events, hack sessions, and random encounters, so you can join in the fun without even being in Europe. The live stream will be right here on the Watch NightHacking page, and an easy way to find out when the stream goes live is to follow my twitter handle:

One event that everyone can participate in globally is the Java 8 Launch Hangout streamed live from JavaLand, which will be our third NightHacking Worldwide event. Find out more at the NightHacking Worldwide site, and join us for some great expert heckling analysis of the launch stream from a local bar or hijacked office space.

Of course, if you live or are traveling in Europe and are able to attend any of the other events in person, please sign up at the linked event page below and you can join the tour!